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Immortal mortal

Immortal mortal


Immortal mortal - I, only where the root, a mortal! I, called Mo Wuji! I am going to be immortal! Immortal mortal!


Shundoku world

Shundoku world

Author:Yu Feng

Shundoku world - After passing through, become dead dead wood master, met the mysterious old man Nan Shu. For the family, for the roots, for the side of the most pro-people, Lu Shao You step by step from the waste wood step on the road of strong. Strong road, all the way thorns all over, but also can not stop a strong heart. Drunk lying beauty knees, wake up the world right, rumors martial arts peak, the spirit of the extreme, they can steal vanity. Lingwu Shuangxiu, invincible tyrants, since the coming, we must leave a legend.
Martial arts supreme - Divine blood, the king of the world, King of the body, aspirations to the sky! Sword sword Quartet, laughing heaven, god block to kill God, Buddha resistance to the Buddha!
Great dominate - Big world, the intersection of planes, thousands of families everywhere, crowded, one bit from the next plane of the day of the supreme, in this endless world, the interpretation of the legend of the longing, the pursuit of the road to dominate. Endless fire field, Yan Emperor in charge, Wanhuo burning sky. Within the territory of Wu, Wu Zu's Granville, shocked heaven and earth. West of the temple, the king of war, war invincible enemies North of the hillock, million tomb of the land, immortal town of heaven and earth. .. juvenile from the North out of the environment, riding nine quiet birds, broke into the wonderful that different
Dragon King legend - Silver's huge body slowly bowed his head, the low voice in this piece is no longer vast forest reverberation: "To destroy them, we must first understand them. You, come with me. We live the world is about to be destroyed by them almost In order to survive, we will conquer their world.
God toward the Great - Dragon Han Dynasty, dominate the Heavenly world. Terran kingdom, controlled alien, dignity of life, humble small. A soul from the later generations born with the soul, quietly awakened, from a small town, to control the city, to create the dynasty, step by step to become the Supreme Supreme. No measure of people, the way of heaven. Fist King of God, step on the immortal. Any of your supernatural powers, I am from fearless, hundreds of millions of families, millions of soldiers, tiger character to make, heaven and earth color! Terran emperor, all things to master! This is Qin Zheng, a practice "people town town tactics," the juvenile, he opened up a new order, and ultimately embarked on the journey to conquer the universe. It's numerous fun to fight the destiny.
Invincible upgrade king - Otaku lin fly through to the outskirts of the mainland .. very magical immortality? Lao Tzu usually eat when snacks. Very powerful martial arts Cheats? I can be packaged for sale. What you are the peerless genius? I play is your genius .. why I will be so powerful because I have 1.0 version upgrade system.


Wu inverse

Wu inverse

Author:Just shrimp

Wu inverse - Tianwu continent, strong respect for the respect. When the self-esteem was completely trampled when the wind ho chose not to go back to the road, a strong rise of him, because a holy pharmacopoeia, and completely into a large whirlpool. Shadow heavy, to be controlled when the virtual Wu, the destruction of heaven and earth, anger cut all directions, a generation to kill God, turned out. Wu Shuwu Wu Shi Da Wu Shi Wu Ling Wu Zongwu Zun Wu Wang Wu Huang Wu San Emperor - the second book of shrimp, hope that much support, flowers, click, collection. Every day at least three more, respect, the more collections, only explosive more power! Shrimp is full, two new open. Above book group, the author friends do not enter.
Hundreds of refining into cents - A young man without a spiritual root, a guy who is considered waste, in the comprehension for the community continue to acquire a variety of waste ... ... whether it is waste or under the material, to those who refuse, how much to how much!
I want to seal the day - If I had to, I can not have no days! This is a starting from the eighth mountain and the ninth mountain between the story, a "my life like a demon to seal the world" of the world!


Dark Blood Age

Dark Blood Age

Author:The world floating fire

Dark Blood Age - If one day, the sun disappeared, the world is dark, what kind of world will it? Great change in the earth into a dark, from no sunshine, no stars, only endless cold and night, mankind from the dark era! Fleeing the ranks, the uncle behind you may be the wealthy list of wealthy world wealthy, the hungry crowd, pleading with you to give her half a piece of bread may be the former glorious tender star actress, cold In the sanctuary, try to snuggle in your cotton coat
Earth Playground - December 21, 2012! When the sun and silver never fall, the skyscraper out of countless strange life. Zhang Feng, an ordinary college student, won the Daguai final metamorphosis skills - Daguai drop higher equipment chance increased by 30 percent! In order to survive, for the parents, he war biochemical, Tu dragon, step by step towards the universe battlefield.
Rebirth of super warships - A week before Earth's destruction, Xiao Yu merged the soul with the master computer of an interplanetary spacecraft and rushed out before the destruction. After the integration, Xiao Yu has a strong computing power at the same time, also has a strong human innovation and exploration capabilities. So, Xiao Yu's technology began to slowly rise, began to try to build a real interstellar super fleet. To explore the mysteries of the universe, and extrasolar planets, stars, white dwarfs, neutron stars, black holes, quasars and other intimate contact, and the universe of civilization bloody fighting to explore the heavy mist after the cosmic truth.
The disaster comes - Many of the sages show the destruction of the world, hidden behind the history, not known to the world. But who can think of Xiao burning but one by one experience! Hovering over the dragon in Constantinople, the man-made monster on the streets of London, wandering the devil in the ruins of New York, wings in the streets of Tokyo. The intersection of thousands of circles, heroes and from the vast land, and look at my main ups and downs!
Infinite horror -
Are the government to blame the disaster - Yan Wangye's brother-in-law came, brought an unfortunate news .. House to get into trouble! A large number of ghosts flock to the sun, need someone to catch back, more unfortunately, this task falls on the head of the category. Incidentally, but also to receive some special customers .. So, Dou E came, Lu Bu came, Liu Bei came, Mount Tai, the holy warriors also come .. Even support their own areas are struggling, how to feed These ghosts? Anxious ah .. half cents new book, we support a lot, has been completed, "I was when the shady Cao Guan years" welcome to stop by a guest. Friends of Friends Book 1 Book 2 plus group discussion ~ ~ ~ ~ Welcome to "all hell to blame." Author: Wu Banxian

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